The Survey Says.....

This Town Sucks:

Our town has these stupid signs, flyers, banners, etc., all over town that says "My Town Name. survey.com Tell us what you think? Huh. Okay, I think I will and I go to the web site. They ask all these dumb questions about the library that they just built but they can't fix the dam High School. Okay, so I start taking the survey yet it is totally boring me half to death. I want to tell them what I think but there really isn't any place to do so.

Do not get me wrong about my town. I love this town but they just have inadequate things or events to do. I pay too much money on taxes for what? A huge ass library that I do not think that all the books they own will fill up the space and yet, they can't fix the High School or have more activities.

So, I can either sit here and bitch to you about it in which will do you no darn good because you don't live here or, I can voice my opinion and blab to anyone that is standing next to me in line what I think of the town. In fact, while I was at the gas station today I started voicing my opinion to the cashier. There that is a start.

How else can I voice what I think. Ah, perhaps a nice little letter to the Town paper. I think that would get printed. Not going to put my name in there as I probably would get the news crew here. Bad enough that I have the cops here almost on a daily base. Oh by the way, I get a phone call from the Police and ask if I want to support our local Police. As a matter of fact son's friend's Mom got one and we both laughed at them. Ya, we are supporting you and keeping you busy for sure. Hell, didn't you have fun at my house January 7th during that raid? And, don't our son's enjoy being harassed and arrested by you for stupid idiotic things. You got my support all right!

Anyway, the biggest beef I have with this town is the lack of activities for the teens. Oh sure, there is a teen center but they don't do anything for the teens. So, what else is there to do but stupid shit to get them arrested. And, no, the Police haven't been here in the last couple of weeks. Phew!

What is my plan? I have had this dream for several years now and I think it is a pretty good dam idea as this idea is popping up all over the place now. I told the cashier what this town needs is an Under 21 Night Club. My catch is this. The teens have to be a part of the night club. That means they would learn every aspect of how to run a business. Good education there. They have to come up with their own entertainment and get people to have bands there or perhaps have skits, poem night etc. There are people learning how to cook perhaps and make simple appetizers etc. They can have teens that can be bouncers to keep things in control. You get the idea? Most of all have a few adults there to help out should any problems or questions come up and the parents be involved.

How would one propose this to the town? Anyone have any ideas?


Lots Of News

It has been a while since I have blogged here. I noticed that I haven't blogged since Easter. Just terrible I know.

Well, since then my son-in-law has been sentenced to 5 years in prison but he is going to be fighting that since his Lawyer didn't do a good job at keeping the sentence down to at least 2-3 years. He is at a maximum security prison. Not like the guy murdered someone but has a cell mate that spent 8 years in prison and the day he got out he went and shot the person that put him there and is right back in prison. Lucky the person lived and he only got 5 years. Tell me, what is wrong with this picture? My son-in-law was in a car with two other guys that had drugs in the car and both admitted that the drugs were theirs and he was clean. One guy got prison and the other didn't. What is wrong with that picture? Anyway, so he is fighting that.

The cops in my town are being assholes and harassing my son and his friend. They are just waiting for them to screw up. Well, my son's friend has indeed been arrested several times on really stupid stuff. You know how kids get into fights? Most just take it and that's that. Not this one kid. Then, my son and his friend went swimming and they were about to get in the car when 3 huge guys just beat the crap out of his friend and one told my son to shut up and stay out or they get him. Well, there were many witnesses around to prove that the 3 guys started the fight but they knew they were in trouble and went to the Police and told this big lie and of course they came after my son's friend. They did all this investigation and learned that those guys started it.

My biggest blow since I last blogged was the death of my brother. I had gone up to Vermont to open up our summer house that we share. I haven't talked to my brother since a big family blow out about 4 years ago. See, my brother has been a teen drug and alcoholic and been in and out of rehabilitation for the last 4 years. He ran from Florida last July and drove up to Vermont only to have gotten arrested for drinking and driving. His son got him out. Big mistake there. Within two months he was caught driving his car in which he isn't allowed to drive for the rest of his life. I have no idea why he was put in the slammer but a con he is bullshitted his way and told the court he will enter rehab. Little did they know he just left one in Florida. I think he was to go in the program for awhile and then had to go to jail. I am not sure for how long but I think it was for 3.5 years.

Anyway, he comes to the cottage after I do and of course brings two friends since he needed someone to drive him over there. Tells my mother they are recovering fuckups and they all found God. She feeds them all and then he goes back to the cottage. Up all night drinking and doing who knows what. Apparently, they told my Mother that they will go to church with her. She drives to the cottage and honks the horn. One guy comes out and says he is still sleeping. Mom goes to church with out them. She comes home and goes about her business. Around 2:00 PM these guys come down to my Mother's house and says we can't wake up Jeff. Mom looks at them like "What do you mean you can't wake him?" and gets up and goes to the cottage and stands in the doorway and knows without even touching him he is dead.

We learned that on May 30th he prescribed Dilaudid and Valium to him. What was this Doctor thinking after having read on what Dilaudid was used for. My brother didn't have the following that is described below. Accordinly to the Medical Examiner.

Dilaudid, a narcotic analgesic, is prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain such as that due to:

Biliary colic (pain caused by an obstruction in the gallbladder or bile duct)
Heart attack
Injury (soft tissue and bone)
Renal colic (sharp lower back and groin pain usually caused by the passage of a stone through the ureter)

We still are waiting for the Autopsy report and I want to know the time of death especially because I have this strange feeling about my brother's death. My brother was too much of a chicken to kill himself. Now, I understand that he could have just gotten up and wanted to get high and overdosed himself. There is something so wrong with this picture as one of the guys called my Mother the next day saying something like my brother stole some drugs from this guy and "He was done wrong" should we call the Police?" My younger brother was listening on another phone when he heard this. These guys are nervous about something. So until we get that report I or my brother's son can't do anything.

What else...went to Vermont over the July 4th weekend. We had a big party for my Mother and Aunt (twins) for their 80th Birthday.


Happy Easter

It's Good Friday, and frankly I don't know what's good about it since it is raining. I have noticed many of my daffodils are popping up all over the yard and I certainly didn't plant any. I wish it were that easy that flowers, trees, scrubs etc., just plant themselves.

We are going to my sister-in-laws for Easter. We didn't have Easter last year as she was away. She is always on some business trip. She does a lot of trade shows in NY, Chicago, Boston, Florida, and California. Not married so big advantage to the company that she works for. Hell, the lady never misses work either if with the problems she has. Bless her. Anyway, we haven't seen her since Christmas and we are only half hour away.

I am really itching to get up to Vermont at my summer place. So, we are planning on going over Memorial Weekend with some friends to open the camps up and put boats, docks and what ever else needs to be done. We also have to plan my Mother and her twin's sister's 80th Birthday party. Their Birthday is in May but since we can't get everyone together until July that is when we will do it and a lot of their friends will be in Vermont as well. Should be fun. So much is needed to be done over Memorial weekend because I am not going to do stuff the last second when I get up there in July.

All is well here. No raids at the house, no one getting arrested....Phew!

Happy Easter all....


This Blog Need Life....

I seriously need to fix this blog up. It looks awful but really don't have the will to do it. Maybe I should pay someone to do it for me. Notice that picture on the front of the blog? Yup, I did that. Taking a PSP (Paint Shop Pro) class and let me tell you this stuff isn't easy to remember to do. But, you have to keep doing it and doing it to get the hang of it. All the lessons are in Dutch but translated into English and there are like 25 steps to go before you move up into another class. The photo on the top of blog is Lesson 2. I am going on lesson 4. I had a wee bit trouble with 3 in which you see. All in all, this is fun and so addictive. Now, who is going to redo my blog for me?


Nothing New...

It seems spring is somewhat here. I have noticed that my tulips are starting to come up. When I first moved here they weren't there but now they are and I certainly didn't plants them. I should gather them up and stick them in the front of the house as they are all over the yard. Of course my smart-ass husband said "Have you heard of the birds and the bee's?" "No, I think you need to teach me!" The yard is a mess from the last bit of snow we had in which we got 20" dumped here. Branches and crap all over the yard. Doesn't help that the dogs tramp through the mud either turning what grass I had upside down. Well, that is okay, since that part of the yard we are going to fence in and they can trash that all they want. I will leave the green thumb to my husband as I can kill a cactus. I swear I can...and, have.

For Toby: Your remark: You're daughter's husband sounds like a loser, even more so than me. I pay my own bills. Why do women love the losers? Better, how do the losers get hooked up with the good women? The answer to this riddle is that they are CON-Artist's. They spot the vulnerable, and the nice ones from good families with money. So, your far from being a loser if you hold a job and pay your debt to the society. And, that loser will be going to JAIL SOON! I try so hard to get my daughter to see the light of all this and get her to ask her self the question "Is this how I want to live? Is this a man that will provide for his family? Is this the man that will help provide a home? etc. If she can come up with some good answer's I am all ears. If not, while he is jail...drop him the divorce papers!

I went and got my son his ID card for his trip to Florida. This nitwit asked me to go get him some sedatives because he is having some anxiety attacks of flying. It is his first plane ride. Right, I am going to pump up my kid with some drug that will send him flying in which would probably do the opposite. LOL! I just told him to tell J to keep talking the whole flight or watch some movie or take his laptop. Then he says "Maybe, I should just smoke a blunt!" Dam kids.

My kids and I are very, very open. There isn't too much that they keep from me other than my son drinking but he really can't hide that either. We are so open that half of the time we never shut the bathroom door to pee to give you an idea. My parents were so closed about so much I didn't want this for my kids. I couldn't talk to my parents when I needed to and at times I still don't know how to talk to my mother. She is so intimidating, domineering, so set in her ways it is not worth getting in a spat with her. You just never win with her. So, it is like yes Mom, no Mom, whatever Mom, etc.

Anyway, not much else here to talk about. I am not sure if you know I also blog on Blogster but, here is a little creation I made today. Not like the house needs cleaning. Screw that!


I Am Here...

I get an email from one of my blogger buddies wondering where I am and if I am okay. You know who you are and very kind of him to take the time to email me and ask in which prompt me to look at my blog to see when the last time I had blogged. My bad, it's been some two weeks ago.

So, what has been happening since then. Well, my son had his court day and had to plead guilty to interfering with a Police Officer and is on a year probation. If he should violate that he goes to jail for 3 months. The Prosecutor told them that he is from our home town also and that now that he has been arrested they will watch his every move since we are from a small town and they have nothing better to do but watch and wait until you screw up again just so they can hall his ass to jail. Within one day my son and his friend were walking through someplace with some girl and they get stopped and searched by the cop for what reasons my son has no idea. He also told me that the male cop searched the girl. He asks me if that was legal. I told him no and that he should have requested a female cop to do that and if the girl was smart she say something as he and his friend are witnesses to that.

I guess, with what happened to my son and what the Police were investigating was because there was a party in which a kid was drinking and popping pills and some kids took him over the border of the town and dumped him off and called the ambulance. Well, since everyone was a minor someone supplied the alcohol to these kids. I am sure he had to tell who it was. I just learned that they are watching this guy and the liquor store that these kids go to get their booze. Well, my son and his friend went down town to the teen center and my son's friend went over to the liquor store and my son stayed behind at the teen center. Well, a cop was watching and saw the guy supply the alcohol to my son's friend and busted the two. The kid was arrested along with my son from the previous charges and got the same sentence as my son. From what his mother said she will have to call a Lawyer and see if he can keep him out of jail and present to the Judge that he isn't a criminal but a kid who needs help with his drinking problem. Makes more sense to have it done this way. I gave my son a harsh lecture and told him that this was his best friend and he should have stopped him but knowing him they were going to drink this together. I said it could have been him.

Okay, what else. My daughter first try in getting pregnant didn't work. I am glad on that but she is going to the next step in having the procedures of having them extracting her eggs and taking his sperm and putting them in a dish and getting the eggs fertilized and then put the eggs back into her. I just sit there and smile at her and listen. I have done all my screaming at her at what I think about all this. In case some of you aren't aware of how I feel about my SNL ...he may be a nice person but he is on the top of the list of all ASSHOLES out there. Perhaps you may have seen his picture in the Dick-tionary!

Sometimes, when I write all this I wonder if some of you think that I come from trailer trash park. While I am not proud of some of the things that have been happening in my life such as these things in which are certainly not my doings and we basically had a normal...well, not normal but you know what I mean life. Seems that since my daughter married this IDIOT stupid ass shit has been happening and my husband and I have been trying so hard to let my daughter know how our lives have been so turned upside down because of her childish husband and we are trying so hard to figure out just what kind of hold he has on her that makes her not walk away when she knows he is making everything and everybody miserable.

I came from a high class family. While I am far from the classification of snobs. I married a man that came from a lower class family. Why? Because it is more natural to me that having to be viewed as a high class family. It's too much work to keep up to certain standards, its boring, its too snobby. LOL! It's just not me. We are middle class in my little town, with middle class problems just like everyone else. This town has nothing for the teens just like the town I use to live in. Do you know that the town I use to live in didn't even have a liquor store? Still doesn't. Trust me, I had my fair share of looking for trouble but smart enough not to get caught. And, there were a few times I got caught doing stupid ass shit and do you think my Daddy fixed everything? Nope. Lesson was, you created your problems, you fix it. While my family did not have that image of "Lets keep up with the Jones" far from that. My mother never dolled up. You would find her with dirt on her face from doing something. My parents hated going to the store and spending money. They loved to spend their money on Real-estate.

Okay, I think I have rambled on enough. Oh, and another reason for not blogging is the fact that my computer went AWOL and I had to reinstall everything. Bummer!


My Daily Garbage....

Our lovely dryer that we have had since we moved in this place of 10 years decided to go to dryer heaven. The death rattle was getting to us so we unplugged it this morning. May it rest in peace. Good news, another dryer is on it's way sometime today along with a new washing machine. The washing machine that we have now is getting up in age too so, we decided to unplug it's life support as well. Ah, many good years of clean clothes I shall always remember. We decided to get the new stackable washer and dryer so we have more room in the laundry room. I will be able to put a table in there so we can either fold clothes there or dump more crap on it. Let's see which way it goes...probably a dumping table. LOL!

I am feeling a little better and have noticed that certain foods really irritate my stomach. Hum, does this sound like an ulcer? I am not going to rule out that there could be something else wrong as it is only day 3 with this medication.

My husband sounds like shit with this nasty cough he has. He barks up my tree about going to the Dr. but can't take his own advice. I tell you he is a complainer lately. But, if I should say something he gets all bent out of shape. So, I just keep my mouth shut and muffle under my breath "cry me a river"

I cleaned off my computer desk this morning. Wow, I have a table! Give me until the end of the day and it will return to it's messy way.

Yesterday, we had gone out to order the new washer and dryer, stopped into the Vet's office to pick up more food for Max. By the way, his ear looks wonderful now. Now, to get him to stop itching but, I am suspecting that allergies of other things are getting to him as the weather is changing. I suppose this means that I need to give him allergy shots. What a riot to inject my own dog and I can't stand the site of needles. Anyway, we got home and put the big bag of dog food down by the bar area. Later, the dogs were down there but Max. Reyna, the bitch, always thinks everything belongs to her. Well, King, was walking by the bag of food and Reyna got all nasty and starts attacking King and the next thing we knew there was a big war with the two. No matter what we did the two went at it and then my husband got in between it...big mistake as one of them bit his thumb that I thought he should have had stitches but too much money he is thinking. I finally found a stick and as soon as I held that stick they ran. Gotta have one of those breaking sticks around.

Oh, while we were out I had stopped in the Town Hall as I had a question about my taxes that I would not have seen if I hadn't requested copies of what I had paid out. I went in and said that I had seen that there is a negative mark next to the amount of $1,256.00 what does this mean? She said we owe you that amount. I then, proceeded to say that when I worked in the tax office and when I spotted an over payment I gave the courtesy of tell the tax payer they over paid. Why can't this office do something like this? Apparently, it isn't their job. I tell you, what the hell am I paying all this money to the Town Employees if they can't work. I tell you I really like to rip them a new asshole. So, I have to go back to my mortgage company and ask them to call them and request the money, and then from there they will take it to the Finance Department and cut a check when they feel like it. So, I think I won't see this money for another month. That's okay, it's vacation money.